South Hampshire Deaf Children’s Society

Providing friendship and support for families with Deaf children.

About us

The South Hampshire Deaf Children’s Society was started by a group of parents in July 1964, who wanted to meet up with other families with Deaf children within their local community, and to create a social group for their children. We provide:


Offering support to all families with Deaf children, irrespective of level of deafness or method of communication.

We offer support through arranging social events, grants, parent to parent support and sharing access to other groups and courses.


We provide a variety of events throughout the year. Giving families the opportunity to build life-long friendships and share experiences.

We hope through these event Deaf children will grow to be confident and proud to be part of the Deaf community.


Ensuring that families of Deaf children have access to information about education, technology and services.

Our community is built up of parents of Deaf children and so our knowledge will come from personal experiences as well as having close links to Royal South Hants (RSH) Audiology, Southampton Implant Centre, The Elizabeth Foundation and the National Deaf Children’s Society.


We campaign for the rights of Deaf children and accessibility within society.

We do this by promoting existing campaigns through social media and through social events in which we hold in the community.

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South Hampshire Deaf Children’s Society are affiliated to the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).
Registered Charity No: 231401

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